The Full QuiverJust outside Collinsville, Texas lives John and Shawn Grubb and four of their eight children.  Back in 2001, the Grubb family was asked to fill in for a cancellation at a restaurant down the street.  That began the family’s journey into the world of bluegrass and gospel harmonizing keeping the hymns alive to tell the old, old story to a whole new generation.  They play at festivals, churches, nursing homes and private parties in various states including Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, including the Youth in Bluegrass Competition in Silver Dollar City, Missouri.

It all started at the breakfast table when the girls first started picking out harmonies in the old hymns during morning devotions. Then a friend gave us an Alison Krauss CD, “Now That I’ve Found You”.  They played it night and day (and still do!), singing to it while doing chores around the house with Mom. The boys, on the other hand, grew up watching their daddy play all the different instruments and work the sound equipment.

web_dadDad (John) plays, banjo, guitar, mandolin and bass. He began fiddle lessons at six years old, lost interest and then started playing drums with his dad and brother.  At 16, after figuring out the guitar lick to ‘Detroit City’ (to his dad’s surprise!), he knew he found his first love, the guitar. In 1985 he met Mom when she came to audition for his band.  They married in the spring of ’86.

web_momMom (Shawn), sings, plays rhythm guitar and plays flute at Christmas shows.  She also manages the website, trip schedule, homeschool & household.

web_johnJohn (’93) plays lead and rhythm guitar, mandolin and bass, and sings. He cooks up a good squirrel stew, repairs instruments for us, welds, repairs and builds just about anything, collects old Coleman lanterns, stoves, or military stuff, plays chess or checkers, and enjoys working with his dad.

JamesdobroShindigJames (’95) plays the dobro, bass & sings. He’s always ready with a good joke, solving a problem, leaping tall buildings and running through a fire if it’s fun! We also find him fixing things, cooking, hunting, building on our new addition and making new contraptions from old parts laying around.

web_abigailAbigail (’98) sings and plays fiddle.  While dreaming of being a photographer someday, she writes songs and stories, cooks, does dishes, braids and styles hair, plays with her cat Jasmine, and takes beautiful photos of God’s creation.

JoshuaJoshua (’01) sings and plays guitar & bass. He likes to ride horses, take care of our many cats, make little car towns in the dirt, be Dad’s partner, pop wheelies for his mama and skin goats, rabbits and squirrels with his big brothers.

Thank you for visiting with us on the web.
We hope we get to meet you sometime in person!

In Christ,
The Grubb Family